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This page is divided into three sections with information of interest to different audiences. The Beginners section contains general information about Golden Retrievers and dog ownership. The Medical section provides resources on health-related issues. The final section focuses on Competition and introduces the newcomer to conformation, obedience, and field events.

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All About Goldens, on the GRCA web site provides valuable information for individuals interested in acquiring a Golden Retriever.The site provides guidance in finding and selecting a Golden, discusses health issues, and provides other informative links.

AKC "About Buying a Dog" offers links to numerous helpful and thought-provoking issues regarding dog ownership.


Canine Eye Registry Foundation brochure explains what CERF does and how it aids the breeder and purchaser in making informed decisions regarding the eye health of the individual Golden Retrievers.

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals provides a variety of information of interest to Golden owners including information on cardiac, eye, and dyspasia diseases.

VetDepot has an in-depth article on canine hip dyspasia.

A Pet Owner's Guide to Dental Care provides helpful information on keeping your dog's teeth healthy and pretty.

Pet First Aid & CPR Guide by Dr. Mary Williams R.N.D.C. provides helpful information on pet CPR.


AKC "A Beginner's Guide to Dog Shows" introduces conformation dog shows and how they work.

AKC "What is AKC Obedience" explains the various types of obedience competitions.

AKC "About Retriver Hunting Tests" explains the history of retriever hunting tests.

Last Updated: February 21, 2016
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